Staff Directory

Name Title Phone
Bowers, Daniel Director of Finance 814-949-6540
Brooks, Gloria Government Procurement Specialist 814-949-6518
Carson, Brandon Director, Planning & Community Development 814-949-6506
Coley, James Youth Operations Specialist 814-949-6531
Culp, Martin Business Services Development Specialist 814-949-6526
Dibert, Tonya EARN Case Manager Bedford, Huntingdon, Fulton and Somerset 814-494-1691
Gerraughty, James Government Procurement Program Manager 814-949-6528
Gordon, Jill Fiscal Tech II 814-949-6545
Harten, Lisa Loan Fund Coordinator 814-949-6546
Hoffman, Joyce International Trade Specialist 814-949-6527
Howsare, Steven Executive Director 814-949-6513
Jarema, Linda Welfare Assistant Case Manager,Instructor 814-330-0996
Klevan, Regina EARN Program Administrator 814-949-6544
Mazur, Benjamin Marketing & Communications Specialist 814-949-6552
Mitchell, Trudy Director, Business Lending Services 814-949-6547
Montgomery, Alan Technology Development Administrator 814-949-6537
Peters, Brandon Transportation Program Manager 814-949-6543
Peters, Rachael EARN Case Manager Blair 814-201-2285
Prosser, Deborah Director, Business Development 814-949-6522
Pyle, Lindsay Community & Economic Dev. Program Manager 814-949-6510
Reigh, Jill Business Development Assistant 814-949-6550
Ruggles, Justin Transportation Planner 814-949-6553
Salvaggio, Kerry EARN Case Manager Cambria 814-262-8047
Saxfield, Joseph, II Regional Planner 814-949-6511
Shaffer, Deborah Administrative Officer/HR 814-949-6513
St. Clair, Katelynn E. Community Development Planner 814-949-6532
Streightiff, Janice Planning & Community Dev. Program Assistant 814-949-6523
Taylor, Tina International Trade Program Manager 814-949-6517
Uveges, Michele Financial Analyst 814-949-6535
Walker, James Systems Operations Specialist 814-949-6536
Whisler, Susan SAWIB Director 814-949-6507