Graphic Standards

1. Color Reproduction Options
The logo should always appear in black or blue (PMS2925C). Use white when placed over a solid color or a photo with dark colors.

2. Size Reproduction Limits
In order to retain the quality of The Alleghenies signature, the logo should not appear smaller than one inch wide. This meant to maintain the legibility of “THE” and the “TM”.
3. Minimum Space Requirements
Maintain a consistent margin of clear space around the logo at all times. Clear space is equivalent to the height of the “A” in the logo.
Grey represents area to be kept clear.

4. Rules For Theme Usage
The theme should not appear seperately from the signature. Never change the themes size seperate from the logo. Never move the theme to a different location in relation to the logo.

The theme can appear in combination with the signature in one of the approved color combinations.

Never deviate from the approved color combinations.

5. Usage Of The Alleghenies In Copy
These examples show the correct and incorrect uses of The Alleghenies when the name appears in copy.



6. Unacceptable Logo Treatments
The following pages outline examples of the improper use of the logo. If an example arises that is not covered in these descriptions, please contact Adrienne Eichenlaub for clarification.
Do not distort the logo in any way.
Never surround the logo with competing shapes.
Never crop any part of the logo.
Never reconfigure the elements of the logo in any manner.
Do not alter the proportion or position of the logo and theme.
Do not substitute another typeface or recreate The Alleghenies type.
Do not place the logo over heavily patterned or gradient backgrounds.
Do not place the logo in black over a darkened background.
Do not place the reversed out logo onto a light or white background.
Do not change any colors of the logo.